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(as of 2019 February)


This year I have two Shakespeare Clubs. Now we are starting to use the digital learning journal Seesaw to track student engagement and progress. The groups will be presenting Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet this spring. We aim to start a tradition of All Ages Shakespeare in the park.

Enrollment for Creative Summer is now open. This is a multi disciplinary arts program for children ages 8-15. Last year was our first summer and wewelcomed students and artists from around the world.

I'm doing a lot of research about Creative Thinking. It has started with a deep dive into Ken Robinson, Scott Barry Kaufman, Stuart Brown, and Tina Seelig. I'm interested on creating a tool kit for educators on how to create environments that nurture creativity. It will be part of a future welcome packet for artists and teachers at Creative Summer.

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You can click the icons below for my Acting Resume through Actors Access, IMDB, or Spotlight. You can also download my Teaching and Cultural Animation Resume as a PDF. Or you can click the images below for an illustrated resume (English or Polish).


Seth Compton, Director of Aardvark Arts, is an actor, teacher and cultural producer. He has been working professionally since 2002 in theater companies from Boston, New York, and Los Angeles. Seth has a principal role in the upcoming film The Coldest Game (2019) and recently made a guest star appearance in Polish television series Nielegalni (2018). Seth moved to Poland to train and work with the critically acclaimed ensemble Teatr Pieśń Kozła. Now he is the director of an arts organization Aardvark Arts. In 2018 Seth received a stipend from Poland’s Ministry of Culture (MKiDN) for cultural animation. He is also the recipient of NextGen grants in 2011 and 2012 from the Center for Cultural Innovation. In Los Angeles, Seth was a producer and founding member of L’Enfant Terrible, a theater group devoted to making amazing, entertaining and subversive theater for All Ages.



Come visit me in Wrocław, Poland. It's a beautiful city.


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