Art Making

I was a principal actor in a feature film. I was so relaxed on set. Everyone was doing their job, and were good at it. This is the director’s first feature. But he has shot lots of commercials, videos and television. And he had the award winning Pawel Edelman as D.P. setting up the frames. I am looking forward to see how it looks.


Grade 4/5 students started a literary Journal. The kids came up with an awesome name Disco Attic. “Reading is like a party, but in your head.” #quoteofthemonth

Producing has finally been published. I’m telling the world about it. There are still lots of tweaks. It is not a perfect website, but it happened fast and it was quite affordable. I’ve created a “Now page” that lists the tools I used to start building the Aardvark Arts brand this year and its on-line presence.

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