Other Websites Seth Compton Theater Artist

My home base…

Aardvark Arts

Links to theaters where I’ve worked…

Trinity Repertory Theater
North Shore Music Theater
Shakespeare NOW!
Atlantis Playmakers
Boston Playwrights’ Theatre
Central Square Theater (Nora Theater)
All Spot Theater
Celtic Arts Center
Ensemble Theater Company
The Actors’ Gang
Theater Banshee
L’Enfant Terrible
Bootleg Theater
Teatr Piesn Kozla/Song of the Goat Theater
Akhe Russian Engineering Theater

Links to theater art that inspires me…

The Public Theater
Oregon Shakespeare Festival
The Wooster Group
Teatr Zar
Song of the Goat
Studio Matejka

Links to producing agencies/venues that consistently present awesome art.

Bootleg Theater
Fuel Theatre
Aurora Nova

Theater artists that I admire from afar.

Los Angeles Performance Practice
Impact Theatre
Shotgun Players
Roadside Theater

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