In submitting a resume for an exciting job opportunity. I forgot to mention that I have a master’s degree in Acting from Manchester Metropolitan University and a BA in Theater from Bard College. Some people introduce themselves by their degrees but my cover letter got right into past projects and ideas and “stuff.”

If you are curious to see some more… “stuff” let me curate your visit to my website.

L’Enfant Terrible

This overview really articulates the full scope of the Fun Family Festival of Tragedy from 2011. You can see the platform I built to support these fantastic artists and the education program L’ET Discovery Happen we made from scratch.  Below is a video that recaps the production of Hamlet, Prince of Puddles. I also created the content for the blog and my favorite posts are herehere, here, here. Our best reviews are here, here, and here.



Here is a beautiful in depth video reportage of the expedition that I went on to Romania in 2012. You can hear the music and see the dances we explored and catch the mood for the whole experience. The video highlights one strand Poland’s rich heritage of anthropological theater. In their own way, Song of the Goat Theatre is carrying on the traditions of renowned artists and companies such as Jerzy Grotowski, Gardzienice, and Teatr Zar.


Here are some odds and ends not mentioned in my application. I am very interested in design and how technology frames all of our experiences today. I work purposefully with graphic designers to create collateral that reflects the artistic principles of the clients. In addition to working on a number of marketing campaigns and my own personal projects, here’s some work I think is worth noting: redesign of Song of the Goat website, commissioning and editing this dossier of a young performance ensemble in Poland, commissioning the best theater poster ever.

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