Christmas Wreaths by Wiki Tiki. I was at a family event in the fall and saw this wreath making activity. I spoke to Monika, the woman in charge and a few months later she brought her team to ASW for the Holiday Performance. Aardvark Arts sponsored the event. It is awesome seeing people get into it. Putting a wreath together makes you to think creatively and make aesthetic decisions. It is a beautiful idea and a big success at family events.

A Door In the Wall – this is a book set in Medieval England. It is… slow. Not much happens. A boy has an illness and loses the ability to walk. It is about his recovery and his growth. I’m in a moment in my life when I am jamming on a keyboard, tapping on tablet, and swiping on my phone constantly. When I come home from work and want to go deeper with my projects, I have a hard time focusing and committing extra effort. This book is an excellent reminder that patience is a good teacher and hard work is a virtue in itself. I told my mom about this book and she remembered reading it over 40 years ago. 

Creative Summer / Kreatywne Lato is a Summer arts program for 8-15 year olds next summer in Wroclaw ( Last week a landing page went up where I’m collecting email addresses for anyone who is interested. In January, I will be releasing full details and plans and opening up enrollment. #bigproject

Concourse. I have been a long time fan of Matthew Butterick’s Practical Typography for years now. It is a constant inspiration for me. I finally bought his sans serif font Concourse. It is beautiful. With such a generous license it will feature heavily in Aardvark Arts posters (see above), web design and newsletters.

Recaps, highlights or summaries of NBA, NFL and NHL on YouTube allows me to watch a sports game in under 10 minutes. This is perfect amount of time. These video channels are sparking a renaissance for my interest in American sports. For NBA games it is almost exclusively offence. So it’s frustrating when your team is losing because you don’t see if the other team is making great defensive stops or your team is just missing. Also in these NBA edits I miss the commentary which fills in a lot of info about players and the season they are having. The NFL and NHL game summaries are the best because so much exciting action is not just touchdowns and goals. Also, no commercials!

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