Two websites that shocked me this week: How Many Slaves Work for You? Click here to find out.
Not one of the richest people in the world? Me neither, See where you fit in the global rich list. Click here and you might be surprised.

Best comedian I just discovered: James Veitch. I love his storytelling style. I asked him what tech he used to make his presentations and he said it was Keynote. Now if I could only find the sweet tech for a clicker… Watch this bit on Conan and if you like it, look up his Ted talks!

Quote about the future that got me thinking: Richard Branson said in a recent interview “I suspect … we’ll actually look back on the wholesale slaughter of animals, and the way we did it, and be slightly embarrassed about that.”

What podcast I’m listening to: This interview on Democracy Now! with Muhammad Yunus. He was the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Winner and he talked about his new book, The World of Three Zeros: The New Economics of Zero Poverty, Zero Unemployment, and Zero Net Carbon Emissions. His response when asked what we need to do to effect change caught my ear – “We have to teach our children in school that … we [can] live in a way so that our enjoying life will not harm the enjoyment of life of another country or other children… Then children will learn what are the things that I do harms and affects negatively on the children of other countries and so on, so that I become aware that there’s a link between what I do, what I consume, what lifestyle I have, on the other people’s lifestyle.

New You Tube channels I subscribed to: Nerdwriter, Just Write, and Swoozie


Next week a special edition of Five Bullets will be Five Plays. I am attending the Dialog Theater Festival in Wroclaw. There is some juicy art-money-politics background on this event that I will try to write down.

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