• Social media post I’m thinking about: Shannon Sharpe dismantled the NFL’s show of unity from last weekend. He called the owners out for having revenue as their motivator. There is a lot in his statements that reveals what is really going on when “ownership” gets involved. I think he’s right, when it comes to the owners, this doesn’t feel like solidarity, this feels like business interests.
  • What I’m reading this week: Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief.
  • What website designs are inspiring me: Forty Days of Dating, Justin Zsebe, Google Arts and Culture, Butterick’s Practical Typography, Gates Notes, Svbtle.
  • Theater I’m seeing this week: Teraz wszystkie dusze razem… (Now all the souls together…). This is a fourth year performance by puppetry students at PWST (a local drama school in Wroclaw). It is a mash-up Zdzislaw Beksinski’s paintings, Tadeusz Kantor’s stage forms, Andrzej Wr√≥blewski’s canvases, and the dramas of Euripides and Adam Mickiewicz. To fit all those sources in the show is 3 hours long. And in Polish. This ambitious project is directed by Pawel Passini. We’ll see… Update: Not 3 hours long, and amazing!
  • Favorite app of the week: Google Slides. Last year I made my first slide deck. It was an incredible tool to help me show my idea to a board room. Now I’ve discovered that you can change the size of your slide show. This makes the app quite useful. The magic button is File>Page Set Up>Custom. Bam.


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