What I’m reading this week: A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by David Eggars. I got it for 2zl at the Wroclaw International School book fair. It has been on the list for a long time.

TV show I watched this week: Girls Series Finale. There were times that I thought this TV show was about four young women who really didn’t like one another. There were episodes in which the characters were so angry at one another and that bothered me. When I discovered the show Broad City I found a show about young funny women who really love one another and support each other. But at the end of Girls, I remembered how bold and daring a writer Lena Dunham is. The series regulars (actors who are on the show regularly) were all fantastic. While there were stretches of the series that I found hard to appreciate, in the end, it is a pretty amazing body of work. “What is a normal day, anyway?”

What I’m eating this week: Well, it was Easter and Poland has a lot of delicious traditional food around the holidays. My favorite – I’m not sure what it is called – the salad with carrot, peas, corn lots of mayonnaise and pickles, or pickled herring.

More stuff I’m watching: Charlie Chaplain’s Modern Times. Meyerhold (see week before) was such a big fan at the end of his career that I thought I should watch it for a refresher.

Best compliment I got this week: “Nice deck!” I made my first power point presentation (only not with Microsoft Power Point). I gave an informal presentation and I think it was an effective tool. I don’t think of myself as a power point kind of guy but maybe I’ll use it more often to express my ideas.

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