What I’m looking at this week: The Best Polish Press Illustrators. Artists like Tomasz Broda, Joanna Concejo, Paula Dudek, Jan Kallwejt, and Rafal Szczepaniak.

What theater maker I’m studying this week: Vsevolod Meyerhold. He lived in Russia (1874-1940) during turbulent times. He was quite fascinated with the traditions of commedia del arte. The ideas of stylized, grotesque, music hall, were early inspirations for him. Eventually he based his entire system of acting on principles connected with silent films and its masters like Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. Meyerhold loved music and was quite provocative in his choices and style. He worked in a laboratory setting to develop his ideas. He was a pupil of Constantin Stanislavsky and worked with Anton Chekhov and Dimitri Shostakovich.

What I’m reading this week: Alice in Wonderland. The edition I am reading is beautiful and filled with artwork by Yayoi Kusama.

Poem I’m reading out loud this month: (It is national poetry month) The Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti.

Movie I want to see: Mr. Gaga

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