Here is a round up of things I am using or liking or proud of right now. Click around or have a listen.

•Recent accomplishment I’m proud of: Seth Compton (VI)’s IMDB page. Yup. I finally got a credit.

•Funniest video I watched this week: While it was a disappointing finish to the Super Bowl this guy’s preparation is hilarious.

•Podcast I’m listening to this week: Interview with Scottish professor at Brown University. Mark Blyth State of the Union from Open Source Radio. This podcast kind of rocked me. Maybe it was his accent. Open Source is consistently fantastic.

•How I map the Internet: Remember that website you were looking at last week? It was loaded with all that good “information?” Did you write it down? Did you email it to yourself? Or bookmark it (which computer was it?)? Bookmarking services solve this problem. I used for a long time. I loved it. Along with an RSS reader it basically mapped the Internet for me. When the creators of YouTube bought it I thought it would someday be the center of everything somehow. But they lost interest. And sold it. And it started breaking bit by bit. I was aware of Pinboard back when it was free. But I am a Larry-and-Magic kind-of-loyalist so I resisted. Then Pinboard added a subscription, and then I really dug my heels in. For the past year or so I haven’t added anything to my bookmarks (or been reading many blogs for that matter). Just this year I realized it had been bought. By Mr. Pinboard himself. So now, I’m in. I like the minimal design. I like the business model and the pricing is fair (this service is not going away and I bought a 5 year subscription). I haven’t imported my old links yet (since they probably need a lot of weeding).  I also like his sense of humor. From his blog: “I know there are lots of rival bookmarking services out there. I will consume them, one by one, like I consumed the pie.” Read the blog here.

•Handy web tool if you looking for that perfect emoji: helped me formulate this for my 6 and 7 year old Shakespeare Fun students. Note to self: never use Eggplant emoji unless you really mean it.

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