1472854_776190485731236_1329432681_nWhile working on Enter Face, the performers were standing around looking at footage and someone said “That should be a trailer for the show.” A volunteer appeared out of nowhere and said I’ll make it. The next day we had a trailer. I then began to notice throughout our laborious tech load in and rehearsals this volunteer was always popping up saying he would do something and then he would do it. So when Pedro Ferrara asked me if I would do something for him I had to say yes.

On December 14, Fragments Live Cinema Performance was performed in his apartment for a dozen or so friends. It involved super 8 projection, video projection, light manipulation, electronic music and some improvisational humming by me. In Pedro’s own words:

In a world of crossfade songs with no space for silence, we try to slow things down. A state of meditation and inner peace. Experiencing time and conscious of space, no rush for chord changes, no rush for new sounds. Noise is music, repetition is new information. In the era of sampling, compression and bit, we cross between media. From the atom to the bit analogue and digital technologies are face to face, questioning where we are now throughout rhythm and motion. We believe in sharing and collaboration. We collaborate with visual and media artists, performers, musicians and sound designers, poets and writers. DERME live cinema performance talks fire for the ears, wind for the eyes and honey for the soul.

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