This spring I started a non profit (fundacja) in Poland. I have been thinking about this for over a year now and initially intended to call it Small Art Theater which suggests a certain kind of alternative art practice. In the end I have decided on Aardvark Arts. The aardvark is said to be able to jump through walls. This is also one of my special abilities.

I want to be in control of my own practice and not an object for others so I hope Aardvark will be a platform to initiate and develop new projects. I also want to work with other people as a producer. No matter which continent you’re in, there are three main challenges which emerging artists face that Aardvark Arts will be addressing:

1. Finding a space to create work.
2. Finding funding to support the work.
3. Sharing the work with audiences.

Things move slow for me. Having this organization established is just the first step. It may be a while before I have any impact on other groups or am able to manifest my own ideas. But this is how I am approaching life as an independent theater artist.

Planning this organization also became a part of my MA research. I described it for my review board as “the next step… building a platform for the creative life I hope to live, a chance to dream big and at the same time place my energy within a frame work relevant to here and now, slowly integrating technology, finding ways to share the work, not just “like” on Facebook but Opening the Heart.”

If you want to read the statute – which outlines the mission, activities, by-laws and structure – go to my documents page.


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